Super Machine - Ducati 848 EVO

Introducing Ducati’s new 848 Evo 2011. Replacing the current 848, the 848 Evo has 1198R Brembo Monobloc brake calipers, a non-adjustable steering damper and tweaks to the engine to make it rev harder and faster.

The Ducati 848 EVO can be classified as a Ducati's entry-level Super bike. It utilizes the same frame, suspension and nearly identical braking components as the premium World Super bike. The primary different is the power train with its use of a smaller 849 cc liquid-cooled L-Twin engine and conventional wet (bathed in oil) clutch.The smooth torque-rich power pulses of the Ducati's liquid-cooled 849cc L-Twin help the rider achieve fantastic drive off corners.

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