Hybrid vs Electric Car

Hybrid and Electric cars are considered eco friendly and are designed in such a way to lower the gasoline use.

Electric cars totally depend on electricity, which means they are cent per cent electric. They have to get charged and the car moves till the charge lasts.

On the other hand, Hybrid cars can be called a partially electric. They make use of a mixture of gas and electric power.

The primary power source of Hybrid cars is the internal combustion engine, with a battery of electric cells and a hub mounted DC motors, which supplies the supplementary propulsion. The Hybrid engines will not operate at low speeds under very moderate acceleration. It works if some charge is provided. When there is a need for extra power, the conventional engine provides it. As the batteries will not be able to deliver infinite charge, the gas burning engines are provided in hybrid cars.

Well, in electric cars are so simple, a rechargeable battery is used to provide the power. The electric car will run as long as the battery provides the charge. This means that electric cars depend wholly on the local electric charge.

One main difference between the hybrid and electric cars is with regard to batteries. In a hybrid car, the batteries not only provide energy but also get recharged while driving. On the other hand, the batteries of an electric car do not get recharged unless plugged to some source of energy.

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