Ford Evos Concept Brand New Design Language

According to automobile manufacturer, Evos’ signature style is the basis for the next generation of Ford trucks, minivans and crossovers, the first real production car feature a new design language set to reach the market in the 2012th

“The first fruit of this vision will be ready sooner than you might think – you can see it for about four months, not four years,” said Ford Group Vice President, Design and chief creative officer J Mays. “We can not wait to introduce the first production Ford vehicle to introduce a new design for our global customers.”

Detroit company says that the most important part of the new design is a completely new face of Ford “as an inverted trapezoidal grille, which was outlined in the Focus ST and Focus Electric.

Evos is a concept Hatchback body shape, which is said to strengthen the driving dynamics models and distinguishes it from its competitors. Mays claims that he and his team have developed a simplified kinetic approach to the design concept while at the same time, the inclusion of “the new face of Ford”, as shown in the Focus ST and Focus Electric.

2011 models of the concept of the subject seems to be “how to open car doors in 1001.” After the Peugeot HX1 “Half-scissor” doors, Evos sport gullwing-style, opening-up of all four, which of course it will never make production.

Evos cabin is relatively tamer than the futuristic dashboard. Oddly enough, the wheel would not look out of context, a standard production car.

“Ford Concept Evos is a strong statement of intent from the global design team,” said Mays. “We believe that a new generation of buyers from all over the world have higher expectations for more premium design language in all products. It played an important role in its fresh design DNA.”

Further details of the concept model at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the world premiere of their Evos.

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