BMW And Audi In South Korean LED Feud Over

Electronics companies are among the fiercest rivals when it comes to protecting its patents – even a lioness with her cubs than a cat appears purring. That’s why high-tech world, lawsuits are flying left and right, one of the most recent examples being Apple – Samsung Smartphones to its differences.

However, we were surprised to learn today that LG Electronics and its subsidiary, LG Innotek Co., part of the whole case is a South Korean court seeking to block the BMW and Audi, selling their cars in the country.

What happens is that the two German luxury carmakers have been caught in the middle of a patent war between LG and Osram LED technology transferred. LG aims to stop his German auto manufacturers’ vehicles are sold as they are equipped with Osram lighting systems.

“LG sued Osram Seoul Central District Court allegedly infringing patents owned by LG as the LED chip and packaging technologies that are widely used in LED lamps and cars,” LG spokesman, Lim Young-min told the Korea times a day.

“As the local offices of BMW and Audi Osram LED applications that violate the LG patterns, BMW and Audi are seeking a complete ban on cars sold in South Korea,” LG spokesman added.

The situation becomes even more complicated, because one of the Osram was the first to draw blood, demanding that LG continues to be used to pay for the loyalty of patents for several years.

LG refused to do so, which has developed its own LED technology and counter-sued, pulling the center of the Audi and BMW, which is probably another form of pressure.

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