BMW X4, X3 And X5 Is Between The Slot

For over a year now we have a suspicion that was considering a smaller version of the BMW X6, or if you want a sportier version of the X3 and the Fastback.

Given that the X5 is a sportier, but less practical and some that look more awkward, a nurse has proven to be a huge sales success, it would be a logical move to expand the lineup to include a similar model.

As it turns out, the officials of the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer mõtteviisi.Münchenis-based company, confirmed an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, the X4 is actually built.

“Yes, we will position a new model called X4, X3 and X5 between,” said Reithofer.BMW boss also revealed that it is about 4.65 meters long (the X3), X3, and uses a four and six cylinder engines with outputs from 184HP up to 306hp.

Reithofer did not give a timetable of the X4 market launch. But he did say that the four-seater coupe-like roof line model is available with all-wheel drive, automatic start / stop system, the head-up display and voice recognition systems, and that the boot capacity from 500 to less kuiX3.

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