Paris Auto Exhibition

Enjoy these pictures of the latest models of the high-end cars present at Paris Auto Exhibition show. 

Paris Auto Exhibition

Paris Auto Exhibition

Paris Auto Exhibition

Amazing Concept Bikes

Concept bikes are important in deciding which models will be manufacturing in the future. Manufacturers are able to judge public opinion with concepts to see what we like, and dislike.

conceptbikes01 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes02 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes03 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes04 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes05 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes06 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes07 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes08 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes09 Amazing Concept Bikes

conceptbikes11 Amazing Concept Bikes

Diamond-covered Mercedes

Mercedes SL legend began over 50 years ago and to celebrate 50 years the limited edition Mercedes-Benz SL550. This charming diamond covered Mercedes SL was on display at an auto show overseas. No confirmed report on the diamonds used are real or fake. However, this glittering diamond shine automobile would be costing millions even if fake diamonds were used. Just wondering how to drive this car out and park at public parking.

mercedes 2 Diamond covered Mercedes

mercedes 1 Diamond covered Mercedes

mercedes 3 Diamond covered Mercedes

Isn’t it cool if you are driving this car in the town?

Crazy Creative Motorcycle Designs

"Crazy" people is everywhere. Thanks to them that motorcycle appearance has moved towards new era of creative design. Enjoy the photos!

crazy motorcycle design 1

crazy motorcycle design 2

crazy motorcycle design 3

crazy motorcycle design 5

crazy motorcycle design 6

crazy motorcycle design 7

Unique Combination Of Lamborghini, Ferrari And Mercedes

It is called Predator Extreme, but in essence, is a jumble of Ferrari Enzo,Lamborghini Reventon, and McLaren F1. However, there are notes and from Infiniti. Namely – the tail lights, borrowed from the Infiniti G35. For the first time this mix a bulldog with a rhino showed up on the Web two years ago, and now it was put up for sale. Price question 230.000 dollars.

predator extreme

predator extreme

predator extreme

predator extreme

Maybach Exelero Worlds Most Expensive Car

Maybach Exelero 2 The Worlds most expensive Car Maybach Exelero

The Maybach Exelero was first introduced by German car manufacturer Maybach in 2005. This two-seater vehicle is said to be the fastest car in the world with a top speed of 351 km/hr. This luxury car is priced at a whopping $8,000,000 USD. At that price it can be safely assumed that you have to be unbelievably wealthy to even fathom buying this baby. If you just happen to win the lottery over and over and think that you can finally lay your hands on a Maybach, I’d suggest you spend that money in acquiring a vacation home in at least three continents along with a Mercedes S-class sedan to accessorize each home. But, if you happen to be P. Diddy, then nothing should stop you from buying this insanely expensive beauty for your 16 year old son’s birthday! However, you do not need to have any money to enjoy these beautiful photos of the Maybach Exelero and I’d suggest a good nap after to drive this dream car.

Maybach Exelero 4 The Worlds most expensive Car Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero 5 The Worlds most expensive Car Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero 6 The Worlds most expensive Car Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero 11 The Worlds most expensive Car Maybach Exelero

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Anti-Thief Motorcycle

If you own a Ducati, you might consider about its safety, especially at night and you don’t have garage to keep it from thief, motor cycle haters, or even poisonous bugs (ok, the last one is exaggerating). This following motorcycle is equipped with natural anti thief mechanism that not even a single big-shot criminal can take it away, but you also have to consider buying another motorcycle.

images poster photo cool funny anti motor cycle car snatcher thief missing lost

Honda Crosstourer

The Crosstourer concept is a bike that according to rumor is set to become a 2012 model with the 1200cc V4 engine from the VFR.
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