Nissan Skyline R34

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T the last of its generation it looks are cross between the R33 and R32 a fabulous looking car. The interior was updated again to give the car a more modern feel. Improvements from the previous model included a much stiffer chassis to aid handling and a revision of the RB25DET now called the RB25DET NEO.

The new Neo engine has a considerable torque improvement; 343nm is now achieved at 3200rpm the previous nissan skyline had a maximum of 295NM at 4800RPM, outright power was also improved to 206kw. Changes to the engine included a new NEO head which contains solid lifters and revised variable valve timing A slightly larger exhaust housing on the turbo is used to improve flow, and the compressor wheel is now made of Nylon to reduce lag. A larger side mounted intercooler was also added and is efficient for levels up-to 200rwkw. Acceleration times remain similar to the nissan skyline R33 as it is a slightly heavier car.

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