Every year during each festive holiday, ministers, directors of relevant agencies, PDRM, JPJ, and even Plus, will formulate methods to reduce accidents on the road.

I am not sure most of those who talk to the press pretending like experts are really drivers; I assume most of them will be driven with outriders or will use air transportation instead of road.

With almost 25 years experience driving safe imported cars and MPVs using my hard-earned money (most of them paid as import taxes and duties to government, plus free money to the AP holders), let me critic the policies implemented during festive holidays and share my view about what should be done instead.

Implement minimum speed 

Imagine a two-lane highway being bogged down by two slow trucks or buses trying to overtake another. The number of vehicles that can pass through per min is set by how slow the trucks or buses are crawling.
Regardless of highway speed limit being 110 km/h or reduced to 100 km/h, all vehicles will be crawling at 60-80 km/h.

During festive holidays, I normally travel against the crawling traffic since I live outside KL, so I notice how long the bumper-to-bumper crawl can be when there is a slow moving traffic in front of them.

Those who drive too slowly should be penalised, especially when they drive too slowly on the right lane.

Don't just send tickets to those who go above speed limit by 11 km/h (happened to me twice), but send tickets to those who overload their vehicles causing them to crawl on the road.

Set the minimum speed limit to 90 km/h, and please don't reduce the speed limit; 110 km/h is fine. That means all vehicles should maintain speed of 100 ± 10 km/h.
 When the relative speeds between vehicles are small, it becomes safer. But if a car travels 100 km/h but suddenly there's an inexperienced driver or an underpowered and overloaded truck doing 50 km/h, the speed difference of 50 km/h matters.

The most dangerous scenario is when there is a stalled vehicle on the emergency lane. This should not be allowed and the stalled drivers should be fined if they caused accident.

Enforcement should 24/7

This is the problem when election is just around the corner and politicians try to be popular. In this country, every festive holiday, there will be "Ops" something.

What are the enforcement agencies doing outside of the "Ops" period? Lepak (relaxing)?
What happened to JPJ's promise to penalise those who modified their vehicles headlights to non-factory fitted HID and crazy LEDs?
I am seeing more and more vehicles with glaring lights during day and night and it is really getting out of control.

Driving at night can be very dangerous and more tiring nowadays, thanks to no enforcement and "semuanya okay" lighting modifications.
On the other opposite, I also see vehicles without lights on the road. Motorcycles without rear light and cars and heavy vehicles with faulty lights on one side or both sides are dangerous as well at night.
Also, please don't tolerate those who jump queues using emergency lanes and driving dangerously like tailgating. It's not just speed limit which need enforcement.
There are many bad drivers' behaviors that need to be penalised as well.

Plus must maintain fences on highway

If you pay attention while driving on Plus highway, it is very easy to notice breach of fences by those who live nearby and created their own access ‘road' to the highway.

I always see motorcycles going against traffic flow on the emergency lane as they entered the highway through self-made entrance. I also notice express buses stop along the highway (not at rest area) dropping or taking passengers.
I don't think Plus is not aware of this, but they choose the tidak apaapathetic) attitude. Otherwise why is it that cows can enter the highway causing fatal accidents? Cows can only enter the highway if the fence is breached.

What Plus did was putting signs with cow's picture, warning drivers that cows may be on the road in front. Is that the best Plus can do?
Don't wait until more fatalities have occurred before the issue is fixed.
Also, arrest those breached the fence, those who go against traffic flow and also those who stop indiscriminately to drop or pick passengers.

Make Touch & Go compulsory

People spend 40k and above buying cars. Don't they have money to buy Touch & Go card?
Please make it compulsory for all drivers to use Touch & Go card as it will help remove the bottlenecks at highway entrances and exits.
This is a very simple thing to do, yet in Malaysia, this is something impossible to do.

Roadblocks should be at entrance and exit

We are driving 110 km/h and suddenly there is a few kilometres crawl due to roadblock in front.
If the enforcement agencies want to catch speeding vehicles, why not send the summons straight to the driver's address?
Why is a roadblock needed? Collect pocket money? Drivers are already stressed due to the crawl from the beginning of their journey.
Now the enforcement agencies are making it worse by stopping every vehicle.
If a roadblock is inevitable due to any reason, please do it at highway entrance and exit.
The road is a lot wider there, so there are places to pull over the bad guys. But don't make it into a single lane roadblock.
Have multiple lanes with enough manpower in order not to slow down the vehicle movement.