Tips to Avoid Being a Crime Victim

Cases of women being attacked in car parks of shopping malls have grabbed attention in recent months.

This has led police and interest groups to call for and step up security in such commercial areas.

On a personal level, individuals can take steps to avoid becoming a crime victim.

Here are some dos and dont's in tackling this issue.

Do these

> Scream for attention

> Accept the situation

> Run away

> Use anything in hand to defend yourself

> Hit weak areas

> Look at the assailant carefully

> Reverse park

> Ask the guard for help

Don't do these

> Stop for anyone approaching you in an isolated area

> Walk with the traffic flow

> Fumble with your handbag

> Fight your assailant

> Take the stairs instead of the lift

Click on this link for a higher-resolution image of the graphic below, which sums up in more detail the advice above.

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