Tunnel Driving Safety Tips

Accidents in tunnels, no matter how short the tunnel is, present unique problems and knowing what to do is very important.

Here's good advice on driving in tunnels presented by Institute of Advanced Motorists, Britain's leading road safety charity.

Before entering a tunnel: 

> Check your fuel gauge, don't risk running out of fuel.
> Turn on the traffic information channel (if available). Some larger European road tunnels have their own radio as well as electronic signs.
> Take off your sunglasses.

In the tunnel:

> Turn on dipped headlights.
> Don't exceed the speed limit and leave extra room between yourself and the car in front.
> Keep an eye out for the location of emergency pedestrian exits just in case you may need one.
> In two-way tunnels, keep well to the nearside kerb.
> Do not change lanes unless instructed to.

If you break down:

> Switch on your hazard lights immediately.
> Try to coast to a breakdown lay-by.
> If none are available, stop as close to the nearside kerb as possible.
> Turn off the engine but leave the key in the ignition so the vehicle can be moved.
> Evacuate the vehicle making sure everyone is in a safe place - on the pedestrian walkway if there is one.
> Put on a reflective jacket, if you have one, and walk carefully to the nearest emergency phone and inform the operator.

In the event of a fire:

> Only try and extinguish the fire if someone is in danger.
> In all other cases leave as quickly as you can, don’t wait to be told what to do.

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