The New BMW M5

As with any new BMW, the latest V8-powered M5 F10 is packed with an array of gadgets and gimmicky features, some of which you may like, some of which may not.

One of the sports sedan has new features, which may dismay purists have an Active Sound Design. To explain, the system is, according to BMW, “exactly replicate” sounds like bi-turbo V8 engine compartment through your vehicle’s audio system.

BMW says that the electronically controlled system for spreading the sound evenly in all five seats, and it takes into account various factors, including performance mode settings. For more information about the new features in the press blurb after the jump.

From BMW Press Release:

Active Sound Design delivers precise feedback.

M5 drivers will be given an even more direct reminder of their car’s performance capability by technology that brings the distinctive sound of the high-performance V8 – in all its glory – into the cabin of the new BMW M5. The Active Sound Design technology specially developed for the new BMW M5 takes its cues from the driving situation at any one time to deliver an accurate reproduction of the engine’s sound through the car’s audio system.

The system’s digital signal processing exchanges data directly with the engine management, allowing it to reflect the engine’s revs and torque, and the car’s speed over the road. The result over a smoothly driven journey is a discreet soundtrack in keeping with the harmonious and assured characteristics of the V8 powerplant. A stamp on the accelerator, meanwhile, prompts an immediate audible response to match the instantaneous – and typically M – burst of power from beneath the bonnet.

In generating its signals, Active Sound Design takes its cues from the firing sequence of the eight-cylinder engine and the frequency range of the exhaust system. This gives the driver an extremely accurate impression of current engine load and an even more intense sensation of the V8’s high-performance characteristics.

At the same time the Active Sound Design control unit ensures an even spread of sound across all five seats of the new BMW M5, while observing the legal guidelines governing noise emissions inside and outside the car. The characteristics of the sound produced by the technology also adjust to the engine settings selected by the driver. For example, switching to “Sport” or “Sport+” mode sharpens not only the engine’s responsiveness but also the acoustic experience inside the car.

New Porsche 911 At The Frankfurt Motor Show Web

Now, the 2011 International Auto Show in Frankfurt has passed into history, analysts crunching numbers to see what kind of car manufacturers and models generated the most interest in the nation.

UK-based Kantar Media Precis published study, which looks like a number of websites online stories, tweets, blogs and other social media from the two weeks before the first press day of the 30th Frankfurt Motor Show August 2011 to the end of the second press day of the 14th September 2011.

The study shows that the internet was the most talked about new model, the Porsche 911 sports coupe, while the next Mercedes-Benz B-class small MPV, followed by the BMW Concept i3 door, Audi Urban Studies and Concept Ford Concept Evos.

According to survey results, Audi and Ford were the most popular brands among bloggers and YouTube users, the Audi A2 Concept is the first position followed by Ford Concept Evos.

Statistics show that from 30 August and September, 5666 a total of 19,549 online news and social media posts talked about the IAA 2011 in one way or another, with 59 percent of those discussions to take place before the first press day of the 13th of September.

For what it’s worth, the most viewed story Carscoop 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in the same period was Evos Ford Concept to closely monitor the Porsche 911 and Jaguar C-X16.

Ford Evos Concept Brand New Design Language

According to automobile manufacturer, Evos’ signature style is the basis for the next generation of Ford trucks, minivans and crossovers, the first real production car feature a new design language set to reach the market in the 2012th

“The first fruit of this vision will be ready sooner than you might think – you can see it for about four months, not four years,” said Ford Group Vice President, Design and chief creative officer J Mays. “We can not wait to introduce the first production Ford vehicle to introduce a new design for our global customers.”

Detroit company says that the most important part of the new design is a completely new face of Ford “as an inverted trapezoidal grille, which was outlined in the Focus ST and Focus Electric.

Evos is a concept Hatchback body shape, which is said to strengthen the driving dynamics models and distinguishes it from its competitors. Mays claims that he and his team have developed a simplified kinetic approach to the design concept while at the same time, the inclusion of “the new face of Ford”, as shown in the Focus ST and Focus Electric.

2011 models of the concept of the subject seems to be “how to open car doors in 1001.” After the Peugeot HX1 “Half-scissor” doors, Evos sport gullwing-style, opening-up of all four, which of course it will never make production.

Evos cabin is relatively tamer than the futuristic dashboard. Oddly enough, the wheel would not look out of context, a standard production car.

“Ford Concept Evos is a strong statement of intent from the global design team,” said Mays. “We believe that a new generation of buyers from all over the world have higher expectations for more premium design language in all products. It played an important role in its fresh design DNA.”

Further details of the concept model at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the world premiere of their Evos.

BMW Special Edition 5-Series 528i

After a few months, the BMW 5-Series will enjoy its 30th birthday, but the Bavarian automaker has already begun churning out special edition models to celebrate the event, starting with “528i-30th Anniversary Edition”, which went on sale in Japan today.

Only 200 examples edition 528i sedan, which is powered by a BMW 3.0-liter straight six petrol, built for the local market.

German automaker started with the standard 528i sedan in Japan by adding the popular M Sport Package, which includes custom front and rear bumpers, side skirts and bigger alloy wheels with aluminum window line trim.Sõiduki BMW Individual exterior is finished Deep Sea Blue Metallic

Gains limited on-board production 528i Veneto Beige Dakota leather seats, BMW Individual trim, door sill plate “BMW Japan 30th Anniversary” logo and additional extras such as head-up display and high-end audio system.

BMW has made 7.89 million yen (approximately U.S. $ 103.400), the price tag on the anniversary version of the 5-Series saloon.

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