Mazda RX-8 Bids Farewell To The Japanese-Only Special Edition The Spirit R

We already knew that Mazda has decided to kill-off of the RX-8 four-door coupe, sooner rather than later. Stricter fuel consumption and CO2 emissions regulations saw it, forcing the Hiroshima-based automaker to pull in foreign markets, and kept alive only in Japan.

Today, Mazda announced that it will launch the final edition of its rotary engine sports car, which is only available for sale on the domestic market was launched on 24 November. Production is limited to 1,000 units.

Spirit R RX-8 got its name from the final version of its predecessor, the RX-7, and comes in two versions: one based on a six-speed manual transmission Type RS, the second six-speed automatic transmission is based on the E-type model.

After its launch, and the Spirit R Type G automatic only going to be the only models of the RX-8 line-up until June 12, when the production line will be completed.

Mazda President and CEO, Takashi Tamanouchi said: “Mazda’s iconic rotary-recorded his famous victory in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance Rave 20 years ago. The 2011 marks the 20th anniversary we have been, indicating that the victory in Le Mans winning 787B racecar” Circuit de La Sarthe, and many other events, which is a powerful reminder of a common passion for rotary engine. ”

“While the RX-8 production has ceased, at all times to represent the spirit of Mazda’s rotary engine. And Mazda remains committed to its ongoing development,” Tamanouchi added.

So, the Wankel fans, you can mourn for the demise of the RX-8 exciting, but you also smile, because there you have to be the most official source, Mazda CEO himself: rotary engine will join with us in the future.

BMW 3-Series Sedan And M-Sport Package

Typically, BMW takes its time to publish information on the much sought after ensembles in its new M Sport models. But it’s not so with a brand new 2012 3-Series as well as the Bavarian manufacturer’s details slipped optional M Sport package with premium sedan, which goes on sale in February next year.

Scheduled to launch in the summer of 2012, the M Sport package comes with special interior and exterior features and is available on the basic trim level, as well as any of the three equipment lines.

What is included in the package? For starters, it adds M sport suspension lowered 10mm (0.4 inches) in a ride height, firmer suspension and damping that works as well as the harder anti-roll bar.

Outside, a 18-inch alloy wheels and bespoke parts such as a typical M aerodynamic front bumper and rear diffuser with chrome exhaust pipes, and the BMW Individual High-gloss Shadowline trim.

The typical BMW fashion, digging hole Bavarians offered as an optional accessory for the … optional M Sport Package, which includes an exclusive M paint shadows, Adaptive M Sport suspension electronically controlled damping, 19-inch wheels and larger M Sport piduridkontrastset blue finish aluminum four-piston fixed callipers in front and two rear-piston fixed callipers.

As Minister of Internal Affairs is a unique sport seats are cloth / Alcantara upholstery, trim elements with blue accent strips, manual transmission models Shortshifter M, M door sill finishers, M driver’s footrest, and a new M leather steering wheel.

2012 BMW M6 Cabriolet Testing Continues

We were hoping to see the new BMW M6 last month’s Frankfurt auto show, but apparently, the Bavarian company has other plans to present its flagship two-door model, which is available in both coupe and convertible derivatives.

Following the latest pictures of 2012 M6 Coupe, our spy shooters came up close and personal right-hand drive convertible model while testing in Europe.

A prototype has lost much of its camouflage only parts of the front and rear ends of the lower side with a swirly stickers featuring the BMW brand.

You can say it, the M6 ​​from the revised bumpers, alloy wheels massive multipsoke to hide the large cross-drilled brakes, and of course the typical “M” quad tail pipes.

Like its brethren, M5, M6 is driven by the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8, believed to produce the same result as it does in the sedan 560HP and 680Nm (502 lb-ft). All ponies are transmitted to the rear wheels through a standard seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, while the BMW may also be able to offer a three-pedal manual option in select markets like the U.S.

BMW And Audi In South Korean LED Feud Over

Electronics companies are among the fiercest rivals when it comes to protecting its patents – even a lioness with her cubs than a cat appears purring. That’s why high-tech world, lawsuits are flying left and right, one of the most recent examples being Apple – Samsung Smartphones to its differences.

However, we were surprised to learn today that LG Electronics and its subsidiary, LG Innotek Co., part of the whole case is a South Korean court seeking to block the BMW and Audi, selling their cars in the country.

What happens is that the two German luxury carmakers have been caught in the middle of a patent war between LG and Osram LED technology transferred. LG aims to stop his German auto manufacturers’ vehicles are sold as they are equipped with Osram lighting systems.

“LG sued Osram Seoul Central District Court allegedly infringing patents owned by LG as the LED chip and packaging technologies that are widely used in LED lamps and cars,” LG spokesman, Lim Young-min told the Korea times a day.

“As the local offices of BMW and Audi Osram LED applications that violate the LG patterns, BMW and Audi are seeking a complete ban on cars sold in South Korea,” LG spokesman added.

The situation becomes even more complicated, because one of the Osram was the first to draw blood, demanding that LG continues to be used to pay for the loyalty of patents for several years.

LG refused to do so, which has developed its own LED technology and counter-sued, pulling the center of the Audi and BMW, which is probably another form of pressure.

BMW X4, X3 And X5 Is Between The Slot

For over a year now we have a suspicion that was considering a smaller version of the BMW X6, or if you want a sportier version of the X3 and the Fastback.

Given that the X5 is a sportier, but less practical and some that look more awkward, a nurse has proven to be a huge sales success, it would be a logical move to expand the lineup to include a similar model.

As it turns out, the officials of the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer mõtteviisi.Münchenis-based company, confirmed an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, the X4 is actually built.

“Yes, we will position a new model called X4, X3 and X5 between,” said Reithofer.BMW boss also revealed that it is about 4.65 meters long (the X3), X3, and uses a four and six cylinder engines with outputs from 184HP up to 306hp.

Reithofer did not give a timetable of the X4 market launch. But he did say that the four-seater coupe-like roof line model is available with all-wheel drive, automatic start / stop system, the head-up display and voice recognition systems, and that the boot capacity from 500 to less kuiX3.

BMW M5 F10

Since then, the new BMW M5 sports sedan first shown earlier in the summer and white sans example, the company appeared Motors show stand in Frankfurt, Bavarians are constantly tossing around the pictures in the press car racing in Monte Carlo blue tone.

Cool as it may be the beginning of time, and after a gazillion or so pictures of the F10 M5 colors at the same time Monte Carlo, we think we’ve almost had enough.

But fear not, lovers of Bavarian guys 5Post received new pictures of a V8-powered sports sedan ready for Individual Frozen Black tinted.

Although this is a first F10, regular readers may remember that we saw the same individual color M3 Coupe implement the North American edition released back in June.

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